Levels of Teaching

We have three teaching levels: 

  • Memory Levels of Teaching: It is the initial and thoughtless level of teaching. Teaching at the memory level is required the lowest level of instruction. The ability to think does not play a role at this level. Students only memorize the facts, information, formulas, and laws they are taught. The teacher’s role is central, while the student is secondary.
  • Understanding Level: Understanding something entails perceiving the meaning, grasping the concept, Learning Management System and comprehending the meaning. In the field of Education and Psychology, the meaning of ‘understanding’ can be classified as:

(i) Observing the total application of facts

(ii) A generalized insight into relationships

  • Reflective Level: This is also known as the introspective level. Reflecting on something gives careful thought to it over time. 
  • It also means thinking deeply about something. The term “electronic commerce” means the sale of electronic goods.
  • A student can reach this level only after passing the memory and comprehension levels.
  • Teaching at the reflective level enables the students to solve the real problems of life.