Final Assessment

A final assessment is an activity that a student completes at the end of a course. A test, a culminating exercise, or a mix of the two can be used as a final assessment. This task may be cumulative and assesses students’ understanding of a subject. A summative assessment, which includes end-of-unit assessments, standardised testing, and cumulative work such as curating a portfolio throughout a course, is comparable to a final assessment.

This assessment aims to measure the student’s progress in the course. Students will better understand their strengths and shortcomings after completing this assessment. In the future, the students will work on their weaknesses. This evaluation also helps instructors better understand their strengths and areas in which they need to improve while instructing.

Finally, this form of assessment is a tool that allows students to understand what they’ve learned and teachers to understand how they’re instructing. The instructor can test the student’s understanding of six aspects through this assessment: analysis, knowledge, synthesis, School Analytics, comprehension, evaluation, and application.