The act of receiving statistics from the environment, processing it, storing it, and retrieving it later, typically years later, is referred to as memory. 

When comparing human memory, a pc memory system or a file cabinet is generally employed.

Memory, on the other hand, is far from flawless; most human beings do now not do not forget everything that has befell them, and reminiscences are frequently altered and warped.

Memory is a complicated concept that permits us to not forget and even relive unique sports or episodes from our past. Autobiographical memory is the later kind of memory, it truly is used to create our private statistics or autobiography. 

Few research agencies have determined that autobiographical memory is cautiously linked to each different shape of memory known as spatial memory and navigation, which aids us in analysing and remembering the manner to go with the drift spherical our surroundings.  

Both navigation and autobiographical memory are tied to the ability to think about sports that can rise up withinside the future.