PhD or the Doctor of Philosophy is an academic degree that is given to students who qualify as degree holders to teach their chosen subject at the university level. Sometimes, they can even work in a specialized position for a particular field too. It is one of the highest and most respected degrees in the world as the person is deemed to have sufficient knowledge on a particular topic.

Generally, it has three to four years of full-time study where the students complete original research with respect to a particular subject and present it as a thesis or dissertation. Also, the PhD students are expected to study on-campus under the strict supervision of their masters. However, options like distance education and e-learning have been growing up in universities across the world, accepting part-time and distance-learning PhD students for their programs.

Academic institutions require that candidates possess a master’s along with a bachelor’s degree in the same field of study. While government college studies are generally funded by the state, School Analytics, private organization has also been working towards it and making the study of PhD affordable for interested students by giving them teaching opportunities at the same place.