Parental Involvement in School Management System

Parental Involvement

“No kid is unsmart. Every kid is a genius at something. Our job is to find it. And then encourage it.”

 – Robin Sharma (Canadian writer and leadership expert)

Parents play one of the most instrumental roles in identifying the capability of their children and carving out a path for them at an age when they cannot be capable of doing so by themselves. 

So, it remains essential that schools and educational institutions ensure parental involvement at different stages of students’ careers. One such link that provides effective parent engagement is the use of an efficient school management system.

What is a school management system?

The school management system provides a one-stop solution to meet the school’s administrative, management, financial, and communication needs by bringing different stakeholders on a single platform. 

Various stakeholders include:

The software that undertakes the task of the school management system is responsible for maintaining flawless, efficient, and fast processing of bulk data which generally takes a lot of time, space, and resources. Especially the pandemic era has given a tough lesson to almost every school functioning without any school management system to ramp up their transition for emergency cases in the future too. 

Students lost touch with their studies and regular notes in the absence of physical classes, and teachers could not efficiently teach students due to the lack of physical infrastructure and amenities on which they depended. Parents could not get in touch with teachers to understand their children’s performance.

The school management system has answered all these pain points, and nowadays, most schools have already made a considerable leap in adopting new technology.

What does parental involvement in the school management system mean?

Once the parents have access to comprehensive data of their children, they can interact with data in different manners. They start involving other stakeholders in the process, too, who could help in improving the result of students. They get to know the details of their children’s performances, weaknesses, strengths, and areas that might need improvement.

Ways in which parental involvement is achieved:

1. Accessing details on the academics:

The school management system can help the parents access the students’ report cards not only for the regular examination but for classroom tests, assignments, etc., which they might miss in their absence. They can edit children and their details like contact numbers

2.   Fetching the student’s parameter:

Parents can look through a student’s attendance, the number of classes attended in a day, fee dues notification, comparing results of the different examinations, average marks secured by them, marks distribution, and notices that the school might issue.

3.   Communication with school management:

The school management system provides the simple and best way to remain in touch with the school staff. Let’s say they have a query regarding improving their children’s performances. With the school management system, they can get in touch with the principal or teacher or secure an appointment to meet them in person at their convenience.

4.   Raising queries:

The doubts regarding different facets of school administration say the finance department can be solved easily when parents interact using the school management system. The due dates, refunds, or pending dues are shown on a single platform, saving them from the hassle of going through physical slips, invoices, or fee receipts.

Why is parental involvement necessary in the school management system?

  • Parental involvement helps to enhance the performance of the students as the parents remain more aware of the activities of their children. They can assist them in filling gaps and improving areas that need attention.
  • Development of accountability skills for students as they start to be more answerable to their parents and teachers regarding their performance. This helps them to confront doubts and overcome shyness in school.
  • Parents remain more aware of their curriculum, and they plan their schedules around them so that they can help students better.

With an effective school management system, one can stay assured of the best engagement from all stakeholders involved in an educational institution. At eduTinker, we provide an innovative school management system that helps make fast and flawless data-driven decisions using school analytics. If you are looking for a safe, efficient, secured, and user-friendly school management system for your school or educational institute, feel free to contact us at contact@edutinker.com