Top 5 Features That a School Analytics Software Must Have


School is a huge institution and managing the endless data of students and staff is a herculean task. In school management, you can manage the data manually but there is always a chance of error and what follows due to error takes a toll on the quality of services provided. If this resonates with you then this is the right time to invest in the latest School Analytics Software. 

Need of the Software 

School Analytics Software is now being used in most schools to stay ahead of time and in competition.

  •  As newer schools are emerging every day, existing school management needs to be at the top of their game to make the education process of the child hassle-free.
  • Schools strive to provide step-by-step information to the parents so that they are more involved in the progress of the child 
  • For teachers, it reduces a lot of workloads and minimises errors and mistakes in keeping records and acts as their digital assistant.

While engaging a new school management software for your school, be sure to check out these 5 cool features which are going to help you attract new students and give a satisfactory learning experience to existing students, parents and staff:

Data-Driven Insights:

The software should be able to record all the data of the teachers and students alike.

  • For students, it can be attendance, subject-wise performance, project submissions and comparison of marks obtained in different terms.
  • For teachers, it helps in recording staff’s performance by comparing their activities in the different classes and subjects. It also records the number of assignments given for each class and subject and the reviews received for them. The software acts as an assistant for the teacher and admin alike to track the average test score of a class and their trajectory of development. The admin should be able to track the progress of the teacher in covering the syllabus by checking the lessons planned.

By regularly checking and acting upon the data obtained from the software, the school management can make sure to improve the performance of its students, teachers and school as a whole.

Fee tracking with a single click:

Through the best school management software, the school administration can keep tabs on the fee being collected from students. It has the highest chance of human error and software makes all the information available digitally and reduces it. 

The education analytics software gives an overview of the daily fee collection. It keeps track of the students who have their fees pending. In such cases, an instant notification is sent to parents to pay the fees within a stipulated time to avoid late charges. The software also helps the school management to keep track of all the payments, especially online. With more and more people opting for cashless payments, the software becomes all the more indispensable.

Parental involvement:

The school analytic software should give access to parents to keep a tab on their child’s performance and attendance at school. They can check the subject-wise performance of their kid at a single click and know their strengths and weaknesses. With a single click, they can connect with the teachers and ask for their guidance. This saves a lot of time for the parents and makes the communication process much easier and faster.

This faster communication and coordination among the parents and teachers within the school software helps in better understanding of the places where the child is lagging and remedial steps to be taken to improve it.

User friendly:

If the app interface is not user-friendly then all its modern features become dormant as the parents and teachers are not able to use them. This results in wastage of resources and time which could be utilized for the betterment of students.

Before taking the software, the school management should check the app features, its design, the type of data storage, and the graphical representation of the results so that the parents and staff don’t have to dwell deep into mathematical data. Common glitches and the time taken to update new information should also be taken into consideration.

Single integrated solution:

The software should provide a single point of access to all the data. All the parties related to school management and its functioning should be in perfect sync with each other. When a perfect balance is achieved between all, the functioning becomes smooth and saves a lot of time for teachers, students, parents and school management.

Parents should be able to see all subject performances in one place and feedback and suggestions from teachers on how to improve them.

Teachers should be able to get all subject data in one place in the report card filling process which allows them to delete and edit data.

In conclusion, the best school management software should make the process of communication between staff, parents and admin seamless. Parents and teachers would find this software makes their work easier and provides a good source of communication. The school management also gets to boost its reputation in highly competitive times.

So, what are you waiting for, invest in good school analytic software and say goodbye to all those data troubles and say hello to a new improved digital working environment.
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