5 Reasons Why Schools Should Adopt New-Age Technologies

school new-age technology

The use of technology has altered every aspect of our lives and the education industry is no exception. Over the years, many schools have begun to use technology to improve learning experiences for students. Through these tools, students are exposed to a wide variety of learning experiences that are interactive and effective. Also, these new-age technologies have enabled schools to function more effectively even with the pandemic wrecking havoc.�

The advent of comprehensive school management technologies like�ERP software�in the form of�school management software�and�learning management software�has been a blessing in disguise for schools to operate smoothly during the long pandemic lockdowns. Here is why all schools must adopt a future-forward new-age technology for their schools:

Easy and Effective Administration:

School ERP solutions can make school administration�s life a lot easier. These solutions provide a consolidated system that houses all of the school�s data, including:

  • Financial Statements of the School (expenses, profit or loss)
  • Student Information (fee, grades, assignments, exam results, behaviour data)
  • Transportation Data
  • Teacher Resources and Learning Materials
  • Data Analysis to gauge students and teachers Performance�

Facilitates Remote Learning/Online Classes:�

Using a�learning management system,�teachers can conduct live classes, share multimedia files, give assignments, and more. These features are used in storytelling sessions to help students focus on the online class and enhance their listening skills. Furthermore, software like a�school management system�makes the administrative elements of a traditional school more efficient and smooth for remote learning schools.�

Monitor students� progress

Assessment and tests are valuable tools for teachers to determine the learning levels of students.�School ERP systems�enable teachers to proctor examinations online.�

Test creation tools on the�Learning Management System�enable teachers to create online polls and quizzes. These can help teachers determine how well their students have mastered a certain subject. In addition to grading on the software itself, teachers can also share voice feedback with students.�

Clear Communication Channels�

Notifications and integration for two-way communication are key features of a�school ERP system. These features facilitate communication between school stakeholders such as students, parents, and teachers. Since there will be no room for misunderstandings, this will enhance your school�s transparency and create goodwill for the institution.

Easy Upgrades�

In a dynamic educational environment, schools� resources need to be upgraded frequently to meet the demand of the current time. The upgrade may be in the school�s syllabus or the systems used by the administrators like fee collection, transport management, book-keeping, etc. Future-proof ERP solutions provide schools with the support they need to make necessary changes.

These were some primary advantages of new technologies in education. If you want to enjoy these advantages, opt for edutinker�s future-ready software for your school management.�

Our�school management system�can help your school with:

  • Fee Management
  • Campus Management
  • Administration & Human Resource Management
  • Student Management
  • Communication Hub
  • Reporting & Analytics

Whereas, our online learning management system can empower your school with powerful features like:

  • Live Classes
  • Study Material Sharing
  • Homework/ Assignments Submission and Evaluation
  • Test creation & Evaluation with auto-grading
  • Share Voice-enabled Feedback
  • Attendance Automation
  • Proctor Examination

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