EdTech Platforms

Education Technology or better known as EdTech employs the use of technology to deliver the educational system to stakeholders involved in the process. Considered the future of the education sector, the platforms have gained a huge stake in the market since the pandemic hit the globe. The education system is transitioning more and more into an online form, which is safe, secure, and technology-driven.

Even though schools are reopening in the post-pandemic scenario, the need for EdTech is still felt due to the unpredictability of the situation.

eduTinker is an example of an EdTech platform; started with the idea to combine learning management systems (LMS) with enterprise resource planning (ERP) for schools. It brings different stakeholders like parents, students, teachers, and management on a single platform. Fee management, single-point communication connectivity for students, teachers, and parents, along with an examination management system, and data analytics are provided by the EdTech platforms.

Administration, monitoring, regulation, and accountancy have become easier with the EdTech platform. Digital media ensures that students can attend classes from anywhere and get notified of updates or assignments on a single dashboard. It is more cost-effective, and the recorded session provided by such platforms allows the student to clarify doubts whenever needed.