Digital ERP Solution for School

ERP Solution

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is the software platform used to automate different business processes used in day-to-day tasks that would otherwise need manual intervention. It includes performance management within an organisation, planning the finances, budgeting, making feedback and follow-up calls to the customers, and much more.

As automation has paced up, ERP holds a new significance in today’s life. It is used in various sectors like Information Technology, Business Consulting, Inventory management, Logistics support, Hospital management, School management, and many others. In this blog, let us read in detail about the digital ERP solution for the school and how it has been gaining prominence in the field.

ERP in Schools

Enterprise Resource Planning in schools is needed to perform all the daily activities like attendance management for students and staff members, tracking the progress of individual students, accessing the results, managing fees and compliances on a single dashboard, transport management of student and staff members, curriculum management, and much more.

Why Digital ERP solution for school?


In general, all those tasks that required many manual interventions that could have been productively used elsewhere are now redirected to the efficient ERP software in schools. Usually, for every department, like checking if the fees of every student have been deposited or not, there was one person designated for the purpose, which would consume a lot of time and effort. They had to go through individual records and check for all the payments. With automated ERP, any defaults are notified quickly to all the stakeholders.

Single Dashboard:

ERP provides a single dashboard for managing all the activities related to school. It also brings different stakeholders like the teachers, parents, students, staff of the school, and principal on one single platform, minimising duplication of interaction and converting it into a more fruitful conversation. For example: If a teacher has to contact a parent regarding a student’s performance, they need not manually send notices or write in the student’s diary. They can simply drop a message on the platform to the student’s parent and get in touch.


The collaboration between students and teachers increases, and there is a lesser communication gap as the students can ask about any relevant doubts even on the platform later. As the class timings are limited, it gives an excellent opportunity for students to collaborate outside the classroom about any subject matter. It is always advantageous for shy students to ask questions in classes.

Data Security:

The private and crucial data related to student or their parents could be lost in the manual upkeep of data. But with ERP, the data remains secure, and there is no problem of losing out on critical data.

Resource Sharing:

Resource sharing becomes easiest when ERP is used as there are no physical copies that could be misplaced, lost, or damaged. Teachers can easily share notes or relevant materials related to a topic on the ERP, and students can access it anytime and any number of times. This makes the process easier and organised. Similarly, general notices for the meeting, payment reminders, school achievement, etc., can be shared by management for the records of parents.

ERP as School Management Software

Tracking Student’s Performance:

With the help of best analytics based on previous records of students’ performance and comparison with the current scenario, student performance can be monitored with school management software. The management, especially teachers, can monitor if the timely assignment or project submission has been made, track their work in those projects, and suggest improvement areas (if any) for the students based on it.

Managing Staff Performance:

From questions like how many hours of classes did a particular teacher take, or their attendance, and salary disbursal, ERP provides a optimised answer. All the daily activities and progress of staff members are managed on a single dashboard, and the management can access it anytime they like.

Fee Management:

With a single click, you can have a fair idea of the daily or monthly collection of the fees, check any pending dues, and send a reminder to parents for timely payment. Fee management like that provided via eduTinker’s school management software offers you the hassle-free fee management process at your fingertips.

Enquiry Management:

ERPs also provide the option for enquiry management for schools regarding any vacancy for a teacher or vacancy in a class for mid-term admission, etc. Usually, parents had to make several rounds to schools to get their answers related to doubts. With enquiry management, this is becoming very easy to handle as a designated staff member can answer all the queries dropped for their platform.

ERPs are the best digital solution for school management software and have revolutionised the way schools used to function earlier. If you are looking for a similar service for your school in the coming times or want to know more about our products and services, feel free to drop us a message at: contact@edutinker.com