Tips on Writing an Engaged Feature Article

Feature writing is narrative, fact-based storytelling that urges readers to go beyond the intense and disorienting light of the 24-hour news cycle to address deeper issues in civil society. Features might include deep, long-term perspectives on global security challenges or investigations of national interests. They can be critical and well-researched cultural productions. 

The feature writer must keep the reader intrigued by providing information, commentary, amusement, and knowledge. Feature writing is reader-centric, ignites audience curiosity, and immerses readers in experiences that help them build a broad perspective of the world. 

Tips on Writing a Great Feature:

  1. Research should be on point: Feature stories require more than just facts and sensory details; they demand evidence. When acquiring content for your feature piece, quotes, anecdotes, and interviews are valuable. 
  2. The headline should be gripping: Because your headline is the first thing readers will see, it must be powerful or pose a question that readers will want your narrative to answer. 
  3. Be conversational: If your title has caught your readers’ interest, the introductory paragraph is where you captivate them for the rest of the tale. The opening paragraph should be written in a conversational tone and should entice the reader to continue reading. 
  4. Concluding Remarks: The ending should have an impact on the reader and elicit a reaction. It should compel the reader to take action, urging a change of view or compelling the reader to make a choice. 

A successful feature story will hold the reader’s interest from beginning to end, giving a fleshed-out storyline and leaving a lasting impression. Take care to construct a vivid picture, transmit all the facts, and give an opinion. learn more about School Management System.