Digitise Your School

The pandemic threw the world of the education sector into a stalemate. While many schools were technologically ramped up, many others had to work harder to make an overnight transition. As a result, a greater focus is now placed on the secured digitisation of schools than ever before. With tools like Learning Management System, it has become easier to monitor and administer the schooling system.

Need for digitisation of school-

  1. Bridge the technological gap – The gap between the non-tech-savvy generation and today’s generation is nullified with the use of intuitive technology
  2. Accessibility- In fast-moving times like today, it is necessary to keep working parents well aware of their children’s progress, so that the task of the school is eased with regular follow-ups.
  3. Quick and data-driven decision- Based on the analytics platform, large amounts of data get processed. The interpretation is made easier by the graphical representation of the data.
  4. Active monitoring- The single dashboard provides one point solution to check any assignment, tasks, grades, or attendance of any student. This makes monitoring easy for parents, teachers, or school principals.

eduTinker provides the tools needed to digitise your school. The single integrated solution provides a cloud-based and secure platform for various stakeholders to operate.