The outcome of your examination is called a result. The qualitative or quantitative outcome of a series of acts or occurrences. All possibilities exist, including advantage, disadvantage, gain, damage, loss, Digital Content worth, and success. 

The term result can refer to the final number of points, votes, or other factors at the end of a game, competition, or election. Other definitions of the outcome include the grades you receive on a test, the answers generated by scientific inquiry or study, and the accomplishment of a goal.

The results analysis will help you understand how your pupils are learning and how they did in each subject area. You may utilise the data to discover areas of strength and weakness so that you can concentrate your teaching efforts where they are most needed. It may also be utilised to offer school management information.

The most general takeaway from the more important examples is that the transformation process involves a succession of phases that take a long time to complete. Skipping steps gives the impression of speed but never delivers a satisfactory result.