Digital Storytelling

Digital storytelling introduces people to a digital or technological way of telling digital stories. In simple words, digital storytelling use technology to demonstrate or comprehend stories. For instance, one can portray a story through text on a website or social media tool, through images and narration in a video or a podcast.

Digital stories aim to enlighten viewers on a journey crafted with narratives through images and graphics. It is quite similar to a documentary or novel, which consists of images, content, infographics, videos, etc., that help the viewers understand the story. Likewise, digital stories also have characters, plots, and themes based on the title.

In education, digital storytelling is gaining momentum. It has helped students considerably by deepening their understanding of content through oral language, visual, sound, thinking skills, Digital Content, and creativity. Moreover, it aided in creating a strong connection between the student and the content.

Digital stories are vastly used in various fields:

·       Newcomers and immigrants display their stories for support or to raise awareness.

·       Companies (start-ups and established) promote their business/product/service by telling their stories.

·       To commemorate an infamous character or life.

·       Victims of war, abuse, violence, or terrorism describing their story as a means to support or heal or to inform