Attendance management software

Do you remember how your teacher used to keep a record of your attendance in school? Teachers kept a register for the first 10 minutes of class, recording each student’s attendance. Only with the latest modules, teachers may focus more time on providing quality education to students. With advanced software solutions, you can also eliminate the need for admins to perform manual data reconciliation.

The lack of appropriate interaction between teachers and students is one of the key reasons for low attendance. Choosing effective attendance management software that will assist you in managing your school’s staff and ensuring the integrity of data. Your school can send SMS messages to parents regarding their child’s attendance records using School Management System.

eduTinker offers school attendance management software with the following features:

• Self-Attendance System:

When a student enters the software, their attendance is updated and recorded automatically. Because the teacher is not involved, the technique is referred to as a self-attendance system.

• Auto-Generated Reports: 

The school attendance management software allows for the creation of a variety of reports by automatically processing all information related to leaves, absences, vacations, and other activities.

• Comparative analysis: 

It allows for the creation of comparative analysis documents based on a comparison of learning results between those who take classes on a regular basis and those who do not.

• Parents receive automated updates: 

If a student is frequently absent, the system sends a message to the parents informing them of their child’s absence.

eduTinker’s Attendance Management Software enables any school to maintain correct attendance records for their students, reducing administrative workload. It assists teachers in gaining a comprehensive understanding of their students’ poor attendance reports and advising them on how to achieve the central board examinations’ minimum attendance requirements.