Exam and test monitoring is the proctor’s primary responsibility. The proctor’s job is to make sure that students aren’t utilising unfair methods, cheating, or otherwise meddling with the exam. The proctor’s responsibility is to explain any instructions or rules that must be followed by the applicants during the exam before it begins. Their responsibility to provide fair exams is crucial. In addition, the proctor is responsible for making sure that the exam begins and ends on time.

Importance of Proctor

Exam accountability is crucial, particularly when it comes to online exams. For this reason, using a proctor is crucial. No one is physically there to supervise the candidate throughout the online tests. It is challenging to determine whether an applicant is taking the test seriously. When it comes to monitoring a candidate, online exams demand greater accountability, which entails higher responsibilities. The proctor’s significance becomes apparent in this situation. When a candidate enrols in an online course, they are given the freedom to complete the tasks at their own pace. They are given the option to select the exam time that best fits their schedule. Monitoring is crucial, though, to ensure that the candidate.

Proctor in Technology

It is impossible for a proctor to physically be present at every candidate’s location for an online exam. Online remote proctoring can be used in this situation. Online remote proctoring is the act of remotely overseeing or invigilating an exam using video streaming and online monitoring tools. This is done to ensure the integrity, Digital Content, legitimacy, and authenticity of the online exam and to promote accountability.