Effective Learning Management System

Learning Management System, popularly known as LMS, is a web-based technology system that provides single-point access to various learning materials and features online. It brings together different stakeholders involved in the process- teachers, students, parents, school principals, etc.

The system can do almost anything that a regular classroom program was designated to do- it can provide attendance records, assessment tracking, proctored examination, and a forum for interaction between people involved.

An effective LMS must have the following qualities-

  • Security- The data may be prone to attack. Therefore, the architecture must be secure.
  • User Friendly- The interface provided must be easy to use and must be customisable for a given need of the school.
  • Open Architecture- The LMS must be able to run under any system. Otherwise, its functionality of it could not be of long-term use.
  • Analytics- Analysing lots of data and bringing it to an understandable term through graphical representation is one of the qualities of good LMS.

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