Advantages of open book examination

Open exams allow candidates to bring learning materials (such as notes, sheets or even textbooks) into the exam room to refer to when writing their exam paper.

There are two types of open-book exams:

  • Restricted: In these types of open-book exams, teachers allow students to bring only pre-approved materials. A teacher can, for example, allow students to get A4 sheets with handwritten formulas or keyboard shortcuts. However, they must not allow students to bring textbooks or exercise books. In case-based exams, teachers can provide case studies before the exam so students can save time reading the case during the exam.
  • Free Mode: In this open-book exam, teachers allow students to bring any material they want. In most cases, students can bring textbooks and even notebooks. However, it does not allow students to bring mobile phones as it can lead to cheating. Depending on the topic and type of problem, Admission Management, teachers may allow students to bring electronic devices during OBE. In these cases, the proctor monitors the student very closely.