How EduTinker LMS Helps Parents Stay Engaged With School Activities

eduTinker Helps parents

In a holistic learning environment, parents’ involvement is essential for a student’s success. Parents should be aware of their child’s progress and communicate with teachers frequently. Technology has opened a wide window for parents in the current academic scenario. After the pandemic, schools have increasingly adopted online classroom software which has helped parents get a bird’s-eye view of their child’s education. This is where a learning management system (LMS) comes in handy. 

Parents are increasingly getting involved in their children’s education through eduTinker’s Learning Management System. Our LMS dashboard allows parents to monitor their child’s daily activities, check grades, schedule face-time with teachers, and much more. 

Here are some of the ways eduTinker’s LMS has helped parents stay engaged with school activities: 

Easy access to students activities, including exam schedules and result 

  • Parents are able to become more involved in their children’s academic development with the help of LMS. 
  • Parents can view the platform for information about their children’s activities within their classes and groups 
  • Parents can monitor their children homework or assignment schedules 
  • Parents can receive notifications about exam schedules and results through the online learning software

Stay up-to-date with school schedules

  • eduTinker’s LMS helps parents find out the most relevant information regarding school activities or events. 
  • Parents get notified about school events, attendance updates, fee payment deadlines, exam routine, and much more. 
  • Parents can also pay their child’s tuition fees through our learning management system.

Parent-teacher communication 

  • Our Learning Management System makes it easier and quicker for parents to communicate with 
  • Parents can schedule their meetings with teachers through our LMS itself. 
  • Parents could use the mobile app or log on to the school LMS to schedule their meetings through the system. 

The above are just a few ways how our Learning Management System has been helping parents be more involved and become a prime factor in their child’s education. With the advent of Omicron, schools must deploy good learning management software that suits the need of all the stakeholders. We can help you with that. Learn more about us at www.edutinker.com