NBSE full form

Established under Act No.4 of the Nagaland State law-makers 1973 on the 15th of November 1973, the Nagaland Board of faculty Education (NBSE) started working from the first of October 1974, covering the full Nagaland within its ambit. As empowered by the Act, the Board prescribes, regulates, supervises and develops the state’s academic system up to a higher secondary level.

The Board prepares the curriculum & and syllabus, prescribes secondary and better secondary textbooks, and conducts the examinations. It organises teachers’ development programs and conducts workshops, seminars and training of teachers on matters associated with academic and examination issues. For the past 3 years, the Board has been finishing in-service teachers’ training under the RMSA program.

It lays down conditions for college registration and recognition and constantly monitors its registered schools’ tutorial standards. The Board considers the gathering, evaluation of statistics and analysis of results an awfully important function, so it regularly publishes the analysis report. Doing so, it tries to check and examine the issues within the field of education for onward submission to the government.

The Board consists of ex-officio members, members nominated by the government and co-opted members. There is a full-time Chairman who is the office’s chief executive. The various sections of the office are examination, academic, administration, School Analytics, computer and accounts.