Assessment of Learning

Assessment plays a significant role when we talk about learning and motivation. Assessment of Learning is a cyclic process that helps students(learners) and teachers (teaching). The data or information stored in it assists the teacher to teach students so that they get actively engaged in the whole process of studying with the knowledge of various strategies to maximize their progress at each level in the classroom. AFL (Assessment of Learning) also helps teachers to determine whether their teaching leads to the Learning Management System or needs more input from their side.

Given below are the six main types of Assessment of Learning:

1. Formative Assessment

2. Diagnostic Assessment

3. Summative Assessment

4. Norm-Referenced Assessment

5. Interim/ Benchmark Assessment

6. Criterion-Referenced Assessment

The benefits of an assessment for learning (AFL) comprise the following:

1. Enhanced self-perspective talk in the classroom

2. Enhance relationships between teachers and students

3. Enhanced teaching and learning environments

4. Enhanced achievement and accomplishment

5. Enhanced efficiency and sense of motivation

6. Enhanced confidence, resilience, and self-worth among students