Government Exams

The examinations conducted for candidates for selection in any job offered in government services are government exams. The type and pattern of such examinations vary with the kind of profile provided. While some exams are written-based, many others are a combination of written and personality tests, and others combine written and physical examinations.

There are around 164 government examinations that various agencies conduct.

As government conducts these examinations, they are more inclusive. Many people from around the country can appear for the same. 

Different types of government examinations conducted in India are-

  1. UPSC Exams– Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducts this exam to recruit candidates. It is for union services posts like Indian Administrative Services (IAS), Indian Police Services (IPS), Indian Forest Services (IFoS), Indian Foreign Services (IFS), and many others.
  2. Banking Exams– Exams to fill the vacancies at different government banks.
  3. Defence Exams– These examinations are conducted to fill posts under Indian Armed Forces.
  4. Railways Exams – Railways exams are one of India’s most extensive recruitment exams for positions offered under the Indian Railways.
  5. SSC Exams– Staff Selection Commission (SSC) is the staff recruitment body to fill the positions offered by various ministries under the government.
  6. State PSC Exams– The state conducts Public Service exams to offer service positions within that particular state. All the transfers and postings are done within that state only.
  7. PSU Exams– Public Sector Undertaking refers to companies that central or state governments own fully or partially. The examination offers positions to engineering, clerical, and other departments.
  8. Teaching Exams– They offer exams for recruitment to teachers, professors, assistant professors, and many other positions.

At some times, the salary of government jobs is lesser than private jobs. However, the perks and allowances offered to them provide a good lifestyle. But people are motivated to crack such examinations due to their immense popularity in society. People appearing for government exams are motivated more by public interest.