History Optional Paper for UPSC

History is one of the most sought optional papers in the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) written examination preparation. Most of the students choose history as an optional paper as it helps them prepare for the preliminary examination and for GS Paper I. 

History optional subject in the UPSC examination has two papers: Paper I and Paper II, consisting of 250 marks each. The history syllabus is divided into five sections- Ancient Indian history, Medieval history, Modern Indian history, World history, School Analytics, and Post-Independent India. The detailed syllabus of history optional paper one and paper two can be obtained every year from the notification of the civil services examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission. 

However, paper one deals mainly with the history and proto-history, Indus Valley civilisation, megalithic culture, Aryan and Vedic period, period of Mahajanpads, the Mauryan Empire, post-Mauryan period, the regional state during Gupta, and much more. Paper II comprises modern India, including the British Empire, world wars, industrialisation imperialism, counter-imperialism, and revolution in counter-revolution. This holistic history syllabus helps the student gain a lot of insight into historical information. The paper is mark scoring, too, if rigorous preparation is done for the same.