History Classes

History is a social science subject that delves into past matters. It is also considered an excellent lesson for any future society to learn from the mistake of the past. 

There are different sections of history as suggested by modern Indian scholars. They are-

1. Ancient History– A class of history that deals with ancient civilizations, ruins, and their architectural setup. Indus valley civilisation, the early Vedic age, and Mahajanapadas are included in this period.

2. Medieval History- It talks about the middle ages, precisely the times of the Delhi sultanate and Mughal rulers. It includes empires like the later Chola kingdom and other fiduciary kingdoms across India.

3. Modern Indian History- The period covers the British occupation of India and the freedom struggle by national leaders. It throws light on various movements held across India for attaining independence.

There are many other categorisations for the historical periods. However, the broadly known category has been mentioned above. History classes are necessary for every child as it inculcates the value of the culture and rich heritage of the country. 

Few students find it a bit boring to grasp facts and figures. However, history classes provide a broader lens for understanding the past and making a better future. learn more about Learning Management System.