A textbook is a book that provides all of the study material a student needs to complete a course or subject in an educational setting. It acts as a reference for the curriculum information they must cover throughout the academic year. This curriculum includes a set of chapters, question-answers, and exercises to help students enhance their learning levels. 

Textbooks are beneficial not just to students but also to new teachers in their preparation for teaching. Teachers can use textbooks to help them create lesson plans and create a stress-free teaching and learning environment. Furthermore, textbooks assist teachers in maintaining consistency in teaching standards throughout classrooms.

Textbooks can motivate pupils to work hard while remaining hopeful. They enhance students’ learning and strengthen their brains. Reading books has numerous advantages, including increased knowledge, improved memory, and increased vocabulary.

Hence, textbooks assist both teachers and students in this way. They play a crucial role in the teaching-learning process. They offer the basic foundation for much of the classroom activity and ensure that each child has the best possible learning opportunity.