What are the types of reading skills?

·       Decoding

Decoding is the potential to sound out words that children have heard but not seen written down. This is essential in the reading process because it serves as the foundation for all other reading skills.

·       Phonics

Phonics is the ability to identify the relationship between sounds and the letters they produce. This mapping of word sounds to written words is a critical reading skill.

·       Vocabulary

A strong vocabulary is essential for academic success. This reading ability is required to comprehend the significance of words, definitions, and context.

·       Fluency

Fluency is the capacity to read out loud with comprehension, accuracy, and speed. It is a necessary skill for good reading skills.

·       Sentence Structure and Cohesion

Sentence construction and cohesion may appear to be writing skills, but reading skills are also important.

·       Reading Understanding

Understand the text’s meaning – in both textbooks and information books. Children envision the characters in fiction books and accompany them on a psychological and adventurous journey. learn more about Learning Management System.