Academic Year

An academic year, also known as a school year, is a period of time used by schools, colleges, and universities to assess the quantity of study. An academic year varies from country to country. The academic year in most countries commences in late summer or early autumn and wraps up in the following spring or summer. This means that the academic year in Northern Hemisphere countries runs from August, September, or October to May, June, or July. The academic year in Southern Hemisphere countries corresponds to the calendar year, lasting from February or March to November or December. Summer might or might not be included in the term system. 

In an academic year, students not only have exams and daily classes, but it consists of all major or minor holidays. It consists of Summer, Winter vacations in the months of May-June and December-January respectively. In countries like India, students have a ‘Puja’ vacation as well in the months of October-November, as all the major festivals take place during that time. An academic year is also filled with lots of entertainment for students such as various school programs, fests, competitive events, and even Sports Day. learn more about Learning Management System