Transcript in education, also known as the academic transcript, is an important document that states a student’s name, the institution you or study, grades received, list of courses taken, and degree attained. The document provides full-fledge details of the degree class, and grades received as you complete each module unit. The institution’s academic registrar or registry department usually provides an academic transcript.

Though there are various certificates or documents, it is quite natural if you get confused with a transcript and how it differs from a degree or a diploma document. The purpose of each document is different. The transcript will represent the proof of education, where a detailed record of all subjects and the scores are listed. You can also refer to them as mark sheet lists, academic cards, Digital Content, academic records, permanent records, transcripts, etc. Generally, a transcript must include the following information-

·   Full name of the student

·   Full name of the institution or college along with the location

·   Board of education or University name for college

·   Name of the course

·   Score/marks/grades of each subject studied in each semester

When you are attending a college or university abroad, the applicant is usually asked to provide a set of documents by the admission committee to support their previous academic qualifications. At the time, transcript documents prove the completion of school, degree, diploma, etc.