Benefits of Online Classes

Online Classes

Benefits of Online Classes

“The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet” – said Aristotle. But with changing times, the roots of education are turning digital. Modern times and unforeseen events together forced the
amalgamation of education and technology – giving us edtech. This is where learning is facilitated via digital means. As intimidating as it may have sounded during its onset, online education comes with a host of benefits for students, teachers and education institutions, alike. Here’s our observation:

1. Flexibility: 

As opposed to a traditional classroom setting with a fixed timetable spread over hours, online education brings you the flexibility of juggling between classes and a job. There’s a free-hand over delegating time to other things at no cost to your education.

2. Cost & Time Efficiency: 

Digital learning cuts down the cost and time of commuting. There are also no miscellaneous costs of maintenance, fuel and public transportation. The best part – you don’t have to get stuck in traffic, and turn up for classes with an already exhausted brain.

3. Higher Productivity: 

Imagine this – you have an online class for 2 hours, you log in, have focused learning of those 2 hours, log out, and move on to other things. When you aren’t wracking your head in traffic or waking up with the anxiety of running late, your productivity increases by folds!

4. Documentation: 

Gone are the days when you must request your teachers for extra notes to make up for missed classes. With online classes, all the information required is automatically saved in an online database that you can access when needed.

5. Geographic Mobility: 

Study/teach from anywhere – talk coffee shop, library, home, hotel, or even a different city – there’s no geographic hindrance. You can also avail courses from a range of universities remotely located in a different country!

6. Networking Opportunities: 

Online education is chockfull of diversity. It allows us to connect with anyone from anywhere in the world over education.

As already observed, some students may find a traditional classroom intimidating – and this is where online education comes to the rescue. It is more relaxed and comfortable and will help such students learn better with a higher focus. This digital take on education is a boon. Let’s explore it together, and empower the future.

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