Want to Become a Pro Virtual Teacher? Tips for You

Virtual Teacher

With a forceful switch to remote learning; teachers are the ones who are in a baffling situation. Coronavirus has hit all the practices of traditional classes. It is yet to become any better soon.

In such situations, the wise step seems to be to become an adaptable mentor who knows how to flexible in teaching students both in traditional as well as online classes. There is hardly much to feel uneasy about online classes. We say so because, if done in the right way, online education has immense potential to fuel the right set of learning all students wish. Take up the challenge, and become a pro virtual teacher following the tips mentioned below:

Keep Things Simple, and Short

Simplicity can take things forward. The opposite may confuse your steps and of the students as well. Your students are learners and one step at a time approach or one tool over too many tools help them to follow your instructions better. Say, for example, using a unified platform for online classes, communication, and or teaching small sections of the entire chapter one at a time. Remember, in remote learning- you do not have the scope to catch up with students during break time or in the library hours to discuss to have a conversation with them on doubts.

Plan the classes prior and ensure to keep the video instructions short. Breaking important concepts into different video bites helps students absorb content better. It is always better to inform students how the coming week would look like in terms of lesson planning and assignment or test. It creates a sense of preparedness in students from earlier.

Individual & Collective Growth

While you may want to adopt a strategy that kindles individual student growth for it may look like it is achievable in online classes. However, for long term benefit, be a virtual teacher who focuses on both. To promote growth at the individual level, a one to one video or text-based chat session with the students is beneficial. While for growth at the collective level; that is important for team-based work scenario at the workplace- working on group projects, peer to peer mentoring, and discussion is beneficial. Let the human element seep in online classes that often is criticized severely for promoting a sense of isolation among students.

Set Clear Goals and Targets

It is a futile effort to touch upon too many things all at once. Set clear goals for your students and measure the outcomes from time to time. Whether it is to help them work on collaborative projects or divide lessons for the flip classroom learning, outline your vision, and share it with the class.

Involve students to do more of student-driven work, and you do more of guiding and mentoring in the process. Creating engagement in virtual or online classes is the primary constraint. Ensure to keep this constraint at bay with more focus on designing different classroom activities for the students. Allowing them to take complete ownership of their learning will make them active participants. However, your expertise in the area will play a decisive role in helping them reach a better outcome in what they do and how they do it.

Ensure to set deadlines and clear objectives for student-driven tasks. Evaluate if they are following the deadlines set by you. Utilize the automated data analytics section of online teaching application to check outcomes. Share the data and stats with the students to help them measure their efforts.

Measure the Quality of Assignments

Assignments or group work are no simple strategies for the learning process. They are an agent to help your students learn and utilize their learning in practical work. The amount of brainstorming and the effort they put in to make things work will determine their outcome. On the flip side, the quality of the assignment will also determine the quality of work they do. The learning they gain by solving the tasks assigned to them will shape their creative skills that are fundamental to 21’st century learning.   

By quality, it is not a reference to stick to tasks that are difficult to solve. A combination of the easy plus difficult task will help students to flex their muscles to put an effort that meets the end. What the future holds for the students is debatable. However, the current pandemic outbreak is in itself a stimulator for the teachers to train students to get accustomed to any situation or perform tasks as is the demand.

Online teaching and learning model is new to each stakeholder of education. It is not uncommon to find both seasoned and new teachers to fumble in their teaching craft in online classes. The essence lies in the individual capacity to move on to the changing landscape.

A little personal effort to ‘Learn, Innovate & Succeed’ will help you master online teaching practices and use classroom technology like a PRO virtual teacher. Set your foot forward and explore the tips discussed here.

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