A timetable is a list of the times when different events or activities will occur. A timetable is a very useful thing for almost every student and even office worker. It helps a person in scheduling their daily activities in a very allotted time slot. Timetables are mostly used in School Analytics, and colleges very religiously. It consists of the number of classes that would be taken in a day and the time slot allotted to each period. It also shows the recess duration between the classes.

Maintaining a timetable can be really beneficial, because of the following reasons: 

  • A well-constructed timetable can always prevent a person from wasting their time and energy, as it directs the attention of a person to one thing at a time. Thus, the person’s energy is instantly directed toward the work that needs to be done which ultimately prevents wasting one’s time and energy.
  • A timetable helps in the formation of good habits of a person. It teaches a person the importance of orderliness, punctuality, and steadiness of purpose. It also increases our progression in our daily work or studies and also ensures regularity. 
  • A timetable also teaches us discipline and even helps us live in a very disciplined manner. This ultimately benefits a child in gaining better focus in concentrating on one subject without getting distracted.

The timetable is an immensely useful item in our day-to-day lives. It keeps us sorted, and planned and also helps us in learning time management.