Digital Platforms For E-Learning

Digital platforms have opened up the zone of education to students globally. As the resources grow more every day, students get a chance to learn from great universities, teachers, and other faculties. The varied number of resources provided on the tip of the finger allows one to learn more about their area of interest. Even many people who choose to go international for their higher studies are opting for digital platforms for e-learning as it seems to be a convenient, viable, Digital Content and affordable option.

Also, digital platforms offer you the advantage of learning at your own pace. So even if you are a student or regular employee, you can take time out of your schedule and complete the course at your convenience. 

A few of the platforms that offer e-learning are-

  1. Coursera– It is one of the user-friendly platforms which offers 7000+ courses from around the world, along with financial aid to the needful candidates.
  2. LinkedIn Learning– The platform provides 16000+ courses as per the industry demands along with certifications for learners.
  3. Udemy– With over 52 million learners, the e-learning platform provides courses in 75 languages, assisting individuals and organisations with diverse resources
  4. Skillshare- It offers a wide range of creative courses irrespective of your current skill set. Besides, one can also learn from creators around the world.
  5. edX– The e-learning platform provides access to high-quality education from the most prestigious universities around the world. It has adapted to the advanced method of learning combined with research for millions of users worldwide.