Types of grammar

Grammar can be defined as a system of language. Simply put, it is a set of rules that helps us understand the language. Explaining and expressing ourselves through grammar is important for the listener; the more we are aware of how it works, the more we can monitor the effectiveness of the way we and others use the language. Given below are the different types of grammar which give structure to the language-

·   Prescriptive Grammar- It refers to the structure of a language that people think should be used.

·   Descriptive Grammar- It refers to the language structure used by writers and speakers.

Both types of grammar have their own rules. Specialists often use descriptive grammar, also called linguists, as they study the patterns or rules that form the meaning of the clauses, words, phrases, and sentences we use.

On the other hand, prescriptive grammarians lay out the rules as to what they believe to be the incorrect or correct use of language.

Besides the two of types above of grammar, there are other types as well-

·   Comparative Grammar- It comprises analysing and comparing two related language structures.

·   Generative Grammar- It indicates the structure and interpretation of the sentences spoken by the native speaker of the language. learn more about School Management System.