5 Best Ways Teachers Can Use Online Teaching App

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With the Covid-19 outbreak, many things could have gone topsy turvy if teachers and schools did not have the technology. Not that technology has solved all the problems completely, but it is an enabler helping people make some efforts for work.

The teaching field today is dynamic. It, therefore, demands continuous learning, or as teachers keep asking their students to be ready for the journey of life-long learning. Say, now the teachers are teaching children with the means of technology. It demands teachers to have a sound knowledge of the teaching application or software they are using daily to teach as well as to communicate with the students.

Knowing how to use technology is one of the fundamental 21st Century skills. Thus, the onus to help students become future-ready lies on the shoulder of the teachers. At every stage, teachers share their knowledge with their students. Unless one has the complete information on the tool used for online classes, how do they pass on the same information to the students? Or perform tasks faster using automated features rather than doing it manually.

Education classroom management tool helps teachers and schools to keep tasks and their business on track. It also supports institutions to streamline much of the processes and work with a systematic and professional approach. Let us, therefore, help the teachers with the five best ways in which they can use their online teaching app better.

Follow up student queries

With classes going online from traditional physical classes, there is no interaction between students and the teachers. So what do you do to bring in the same practice? Help students use the online teaching app to their maximum benefit. Let them understand it is not just a tool where they only attend live classes or submit assignments. Besides the two activities pointed out, the students can also use the platform for posting their queries. It is a good communication platform for the students to be in constant connection with the subject mentors from anywhere and at any point in time. With gaps existing in communication, it is likely to hamper the students learning process. The more queries students post, the easier it becomes for you to guide them in understanding their learning problems. Follow up student queries for a better outcome.

Create classes & notify students 

Teachers can create classes, schedules, and notify students with the help of online teaching software. It makes the entire process more systematic than it was in traditional physical classes. With a planned class time-table, managing time for lessons becomes easier for you and for your students to further their learning in each subject with equal attention. It also helps you and your students to avoid skipping classes scheduled for the day. Further, if principals or parents want to see the online time-table they can also view it from their dashboard at any point in time.

Make assignments for students on the go

Assignments are an integral part of the learning process. But creating them is taxing for you. Take the benefit of automated assignment creation and evaluation features to make your work faster and easier again. At a single click, you get a chance to create a general or personalized assignment for the students and share it with the individual student or the entire class. You also get a chance to keep an eye on the submission pattern and seek an explanation from a student if they fail to submit it on time. You can also evaluate the submitted assignments using the same software without having to sit down for long to complete the work.

Schedule a video meeting with student & parents

The learning journey of students is not a lonely or two-person journey, isn’t it so? Even the parents want the best for their kids, and because they do so, they want to know how their child is performing at different stages of the learning process. The lockdown period has been challenging for every individual. The sudden switch to online classes has distracted students, and parents have been trying hard to keep the attention levels of students in online classes. You can make use of the scheduled meeting option of the online teaching app to help parents know the performance of their child on a weekly or monthly basis.

Ignite healthy discussions in the classroom

Call it- peer learning or collaborative learning practice; it is yet another crucial 21st Century skill. It is mainly because peer learning does not stay within the confine of just school or college; it goes beyond that. Even in the workspace, team meetings are scheduled to discuss ideas and know the perspectives of each other. Thus, keep the students busy in an online discussion in between the class. The online class software will have features where you get a chance to host group discussions or work in groups for project works. Utilize this feature to ignite a healthy knowledge sharing medium in the class.

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