6 Problems of Online Classes for the Students: How to Solve Them?

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The regular school schedule had gone for a toss in the lockdown. The digital divide is pervasive. Even in this uncertain situation, there is hardly any doubt about the efforts put forward by the teachers and the students to keep the momentum of learning agile. However, one cannot ignore that the situation is dismal.

Apart from the digital gap, there is also a fundamental gap in how teachers practice the new instructional method and how much of it students can grasp. Well, as the saying goes, “I thrive in structure, I drown in chaos,” so is the case with online classes.

Most of the challenges faced by the students are due to chaotic situations. We say so because the top most challenges that we researched across social media platforms highlighted student’s discomfort to adapt to the new changing class environment. Let us discuss some of these issues here one by one to throw more light on them. 

Technical issue

A network problem is no new challenge for anyone living in India or elsewhere. Many say the technical issue is very fundamental to an online-only environment. There is no quick fix for a network issue. If it is kept unworked for long, a student may well land up missing one or two classes for the entire day. Similarly, what can a student do if the smartphone hangs in the middle of the class? Even a fraction of a second wasted in restarting a device amounts to a loss of learning.                                                       

Distractions and time management

The issue with distraction in online classes is not peculiar to remote learning. In offline classes, distraction is less as the fear of punishment if caught by the teacher overpowers the student’s mind. It lets them stay alert throughout the class. In the online class, the student does not have such fear element working in their mind. Further, the casual home environment and irregularity with class timings add on to the distraction level.                     


There is a quick shift in the online class environment from the physical classroom set-up. No matter what, this does trigger in their mind often. It is particularly visible in younger students than the older ones. Students are yet to adjust to the no structured class system or the varying instructional approaches different teachers adopt to make learning fruitful even when taken online.             

Unfamiliarity with the use of edutech tools

For online classes, students have to adapt skills to use different education technology tools. These tools may contain online learning features that may at times confuse the students as they are unfamiliar with the dashboard and do not know whom to reach out to for technical support.                    

Following class lectures

Online class lecture often leads to passive listening on the part of the students. If they had some doubts, in the physical class there was a chance to raise their hand in between the lecture. However, in an online class, students often wait till the end of the lecture and due to time constraints land up not discussing it with the teacher or postponing it for the next day. It eventually breaks the interest level of the students. 

Lack of proper communication

Most institutions are juggling with different tools. While online classes are taken with zoom or other video applications. Communication is either through phone calls or through WhatsApp messages. It leads to confusion or a communication gap between the teachers and students due to the absence of a dedicated communication platform where one can discuss everything about class and education.

The issues listed above are increasingly making education complicated for the students. Many online class CRM tools are either scattered with too many features or have a single out feature that makes it standalone. However, as challenges in online class have been pointed out by parents, teachers, and students on social media; edtech solution makers have been quick to bring a fix for them.

A software or application is successful only when it has managed to delight its users by covering features that solve the pain points of the users. After connecting with various institution leaders and teachers, eduTinker- the online class teaching app was created. It is therefore no other fancy edtech Tool that includes everything and yet fails to satisfy the most basic purpose at the end of the day.

Our simple user interface is designed, keeping in mind the need of the teachers and students. On a single click, students get directed to the online classes, communicate with the teacher at any point of time, check the class schedule for the day/entire week, engage in a group discussion with the peers, give tests easily, know scores and mark their attendance. With these basic but very important student features included in one online class teaching app, don’t you think, the remote learning experience of students can be made much better?

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