Classroom Monitors

The students appointed by teachers to maintain order and discipline within the class system are called classroom monitors. While many monitors are selected based on their excellent academic performance, a few others also get chosen due to greater affinity with the teacher.

A few functions performed by them are-

– Reporting the teacher about any indiscipline encountered in the class

– Report any cheating or unwarranted activities during any assessment or tests

– Collect Homework copies of students and ensure that it reaches the teacher safely.

– Ensure that all the stationery items like chalk/markers and dusters are ready to use for the teachers

– Keep track of general bulletin boards in the class along with other student members

The classmates tend to be more competitive to attain this position as it is a matter of pride for them to be selected. They also tend to perform better in studies, as they know they might get an opportunity to serve as a monitor in this case. Many students who excel in sports are also selected to monitor the class.

Students entrusted as monitors tend to develop greater leadership skills with time. They are more responsible for their action and that of others, and the position starts making them more responsible from an early age. Such qualities imbibed in the child from the very beginning help them build a bright future.