Screen Sharing

Screen sharing is a process involving one sharing access to their computer screen. It is also known as desktop sharing, which allows remote access and remote collaboration on a person’s desktop through a graphical terminal application. When we screen share, we give others access to our computer screen and watch every activity we do on the screen in real-time.  Screen-sharing is very ideal and helpful during online meetings and presentations. It usually saves a lot of time, which is normally spent on sending files, documents, School Management System, pictures, or videos. Screen sharing also helps in a better understanding of the matter in discussion. The process of screen sharing is really simple and with the immensely amazing technology of the TeamViewer software, a person who is screen sharing gets a very stable connection, image quality, and cross-compatibility. 

Screen-sharing plays a major role in increasing interest and productivity during a meeting. Visualization of the content helps the speaker to single out the speech highlights and easily catches the interest and attention of the meeting attendees. 

Lots of applications these days allow screen sharing, mainly Google Meet, and Zoom, the two applications which get used mostly by teachers and students while holding online classes. Teachers have often screen-shared presentations to provide better understanding and explanations to students. Other applications such as Microsoft Teams, Any Desk, and Slack also allow desktop sharing.