A gradebook is a tool used by teachers to record and track student grades. It is used to maintain accurate records of student performance and to facilitate communication between teachers, students, and parents/guardians. A gradebook can be a physical book, a spreadsheet, or a digital platform.

Typically, a gradebook includes the following information:

  • Student names and identification numbers
  • Assignment names and due dates
  • Points earned for each assignment
  • Total points earned for each student
  • Final grades for each student
  • Any comments or feedback from the teacher

The information in the gradebook is used to calculate a student’s overall grade for a class, quarter, or semester. The grades can be expressed in various forms, including letter grades, percentages, or numerical grades. The gradebook can also be used to analyze student performance over time, identify areas of strength and weakness, and make informed decisions about student placement, Learning Management System and progression.

In summary, a gradebook is a crucial tool for teachers to manage student grades and provide meaningful feedback to students and parents/guardians.