Proficiency-based learning

Proficiency-based learning, also known as competency-based learning, is a learning style that emphasises student advancement based on topic mastery rather than grades, age, attendance, and/or other variables. Learning skills under this method are explicit, should be measurable, Admission Management, and are intended to enable students to take charge of their learning and knowledge demonstration.

Meaningful assessment is also part of proficiency-based learning. Differing support and assistance is provided to students depending on their particular needs and abilities. Once students have demonstrated mastery of the topic, they can proceed to other objectives, resulting in a more customized learning experience.

Today, many universities are shifting away from credit hours and marks and toward proficiency-based learning methods. Universities are focusing more on actual content mastered rather than seated time as a metric for learning. Given this, educators in elementary, middle, and high schools must incorporate proficiency-based learning in classrooms to prepare students for college and career preparedness.