Show and Tell Activity for Primary Students

This is an interesting activity for elementary students which encourages speech development in young students. Young students are usually shy and do not communicate with the teacher in School Analytics. These activities arouse their interest and their will to speak to an audience 

The procedure of the Activity

The students are required to bring an object or a toy or edible thing from home that they like and describe it to their friends and teachers on demand. The description of the object can be in 2-3 sentences on why they like the object or toy and the colour of the toy. They can tell who gifted them the toy and when. For edible items, they can describe their shape and taste and who made them.


  • Students develop public speaking skills and come out of shyness
  • Develops a bond between students and teachers by sharing their favourite thing with the teacher
  • Teachers also get an insight into the speaking abilities of the children.
  • Children are encouraged to form a story around the object hence helping with storytelling skills.

Disadvantages :

  • Children may refuse to speak under pressure
  • Children who are shy may fare badly in the activity, so may score less in the activity.
  • Introverted and extrovert nature of the children may play a role in their performance.