Think Pair Share and its meaning

Think-pair-share is a collaborative learning style where the students are asked to work together to solve a problem or answer a question. This approach required students to-

·   Think individually about the given assignment or topic

·   Share ideas and thoughts with group mates

·   Discuss with partners to maximize participation

·   And engages students to comprehend the reading material

TPS learning strategy helps students build oral communication skills and boost their motivation. Given below are some benefits provided by the TPS style-

·   TPS strategy keeps the team member focused and determined on the task. All the members are allowed to speak of their views on the topic, which boosts their participation skills.

·   As every student is responsible for certain information, the think-pair-share style encourages accountability and collaboration. Each partner pairs up with the other to collectively solve the answer and is held accountable for each other’s views.

·   With this method, students learn new ways of thinking about the issue or question and identify solutions by collaborative sharing.·   This method also helps students feel good about themselves. Through this, shy or quiet students engagingly participate and share their ideas,School Analytics, enhancing the class’s intimate level. Also, this way, students can understand the concepts properly.