Trapezium Definition

A trapezium is a polygon that falls under the category of quadrilaterals. One can see numerous examples of it in real life. In a trapezium, the two parallel sides are known as bases, while the non-parallel sides are known as the legs of a trapezium. A trapezium is also stated as a trapezoid in some cases. However, these two figures are not the same. learn more about School Management System.

On the basis of sides and angles, a trapezium is divided into 3 basic categories:

1. Isosceles trapezium

2. Scalene Trapezium

3. Right Trapezium

Formulas of Trapezium are:

·        Area of trapezium = ½ (Sum of parallel sides) × (Distance between parallel sides)

·        Perimeter of trapezium = Sum of all 4 sides (Side + side + side + side)

Some properties of a trapezium are:

Ø  A pair of opposite sides are parallel to each other in a trapezium

Ø  The length of the diagonals is equal in a trapezium

Ø  The adjacent interior angles make a sum of 180° in a trapezium

Ø  The sum of all the interior angles is always 360° in a trapezium