What are the models of teaching?

As there are many teaching models, some basic ones are widely used, such as direct instructions, inquiry-based learning, cooperative learning, project-based learning, and seminar. Teaching models are the methods that are effectively used and help integrate the teaching and the needs & learning styles of students. One of the common models of teaching is direct instruction. The teacher provides the lesson objectives to the students through a lecture or multimedia. After the lecture, the teacher also provides students with guided practice so that they can get a better understanding of the lesson. Then, the teacher provides practice that students need to do independently, School Analytics, like homework or in-class activity. At last, the teacher evaluates the student’s performance and determines who has mastered the lesson.

Another teaching method or model is the lecture which is quite common and used widely in college classrooms. The educator verbally presents the lesson information to the students and a visual presentation. The educators do not interact with students much; they usually deliver the lesson and leave. Moreover, no particular emphasis is given to the practice or putting the student to the test to determine their understanding of the lecture.