What are weighted grades?

Weighted grades are numbers or letter grades that are given a numerical advantage when calculated to give a grade point average or GPA. In various schools, probably public high schools, weighted-grade systems provide students a numerical advantage for grades earned in higher-level courses or more challenging ones such as honors courses. In the case of the students who completed courses that are more complex than regular, the purpose of a weighted grade is to give students a numerical advantage while ascertaining academic performance and related honors like class rank. Weighted grades play an important role in determining students’ academic performance. Many colleges and universities might ask high schools to give weighted and unweighted GPAs to students highlighted on the student’s transcripts, School Management System, which helps evaluate the differential effect of weighted grades, i.e., how course selection and weighted grades can affect the GPA calculation. The fundamental aspect of weighted grades is that they incentivize the students to challenge themselves to score more.