What do you mean by metaphysics?

Metaphysics comes from two words, physics and meta. This word is widely used in the study of philosophy, what there is and how it is. In a general way, School Analytics, everything that changes counts as metaphysical. It studies reality and existence- who we are and our purpose. The definition of metaphysics comes from Aristotle, gathered after the philosopher’s death. The examples of metaphysics consist of-

What is the nature of space and time?

What are existence and reality?

What is the nature of mind and matter?

How was the universe created?

Is human nature bound to free will or determined by causes beyond our control?

Metaphysics deal with numerous questions which relate to the relationship between substance and attribute, consciousness, mind and matter, and potentiality and actuality. It deals with questions about what it means for something to exist and what type of existence there is. Through this, we seek answers to questions.