What do you mean by misnomer?

Misnomer, by its definition, refers to a name that does not suit what it is referring to or the use of such a name. A noun refers to the misleading, wrong, or inappropriate use of a designation or a name. It is misleading and wrong in itself as well. In a legal context, the misnomer is quite similar. It refers to any wrong or incorrect name in a School Analytics, legal document or legal process. Examples of misnomers are-

·   Koala bears- koala bears are in fact a marsupial

·   Peanuts- peanuts are, in fact, legumes and not nuts

·   Lead pencil- pencils contain graphite and clay and not lead

·   Light-year- a light year is a measure of distance, not time. It is defined as the distance light will travel in a vacuum in one year

·   Chinese checkers- the origin of this game is not Chinese and not related to game checkers. It is called Sternhalma

·   Holy Roman Empire- Holy Roman Empire was never holy, nor Roman, nor an empire