What do you mean by the work-study program?

Also known as college work, a work-study program is a scheme that helps students get funds and assistance with post-graduation costs. In this program, the students take part-time jobs on and off-campus in colleges and universities. This program offers an incredible opportunity for the students to expand their skills and knowledge while supporting themselves financially by funding their graduation. Federal work-study funds are often provided by educational institutions that provide majoring students with part-time work opportunities. Moreover, many institutions provide students with assigned jobs, while some expect their students to find, apply, School Management System, and sit for job interviews. Every institution is different and has its own set of rules and policies. For instance, the student must complete a particular number of hours and maintain good grades to remain eligible for the program. Often, US resident students avail this opportunity, and the Federal Work-Study Program ensures that jobs are given to all needy students for financial help.