A workbook is a file or document used in computer software programs, such as Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or Apple Numbers, to organize and analyze data. A workbook typically consists of multiple sheets or tabs, each of which can contain a different set of data and calculations.

In Microsoft Excel, for example, a workbook is a file with an .xlsx extension that can contain multiple worksheets. Worksheets can be used to store and analyze data, perform calculations, and create charts and graphs.

Workbooks can be used for a wide range of purposes, such as financial analysis, project management, data tracking, and budgeting. They are often used in business, education, and research settings to organize and analyze large amounts of data in a structured and organized way.

In addition to Microsoft Excel, workbooks can be created and used in other software programs, such as Google Sheets, Apple Numbers, and OpenOffice Calc. These programs have similar features to Microsoft Excel and allow users to organize and analyze data in a workbook format. learn more about School Management System.