Yoga Teacher Salary

Yoga finds its root in the ancient Indian spiritual and physical routine, which helps the body perform optimally and the way it was made to be. Regular practice of yoga has helped people fight many diseases, illnesses, health conditions, and much more. Earlier, it was limited to the Indian subcontinent, and now it has more or less spread to every portion of the globe.

The salary of a yoga teacher varies from location to experience and other factors. The primary factor includes their place of job. A yoga or fitness studio will pay more to dedicated yoga resources, just like the yoga instructor in government institutions who are paid a fixed salary and added perks. Many business entities and educational institutions have also started hiring yoga teachers for the welfare of employees and students, respectively.

With greater demand for yoga in the fitness industry every passing day around the globe, the yoga teacher’s salary is expected to rise in the coming time. However, they also need to meet many other criteria like completing certification in yoga, Learning Management System, expertise in some genres, etc.

Yoga teachers gain perfection over years of practice, and their patience should be rewarded in the form of good monetary benefits.