Youth Festival

A youth festival is an event conducted to celebrate the country’s youth. Dates for these events vary from country to country. However, in India, the day is celebrated as National Youth Week to commemorate the birthday of the world spiritual leader and speaker Swami Vivekanand. National Youth Week is celebrated for January 12- to January 16 every year. 

Every year it is organised by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, the Government of India, with the state government. Young people are deemed the future of the country, and it is necessary to keep them motivated to perform better for themselves and society. It creates greater national integrity, fraternity, and camaraderie amongst themselves. The festivities are celebrated in various manners- like cultural programs, keynote speeches, martial art shows, debates, roadshows, theatrics, and many other related activities. The events are generally competitive in nature. 

One state is chosen for hosting the festivities during one particular year. Starting in 1995, the National Youth festival has become a program under the National Integration Camp (NIC), which works with Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan and the National Service Scheme (NSS) every year. learn more about School Management System.