Zero-tolerance policy 

Zero tolerance is a method of eliminating undesired employee behaviour and providing an instant consequence for breaking business regulations. These regulations prevent persons in positions of authority from bending the rules or using their own judgment. Some of the most popular zero-tolerance concerns include drug usage, sexual harassment, violence, fraud, and racial prejudice.

A zero-tolerance policy provides employees with a sense of security at work. When a corporation, for example, has zero tolerance for violence, an employee is able to go to work without fear of being victimized by a potentially violent coworker. When one employee commits harm to a coworker, the organization’s zero-tolerance policy ensures that they will never be in the capacity to do so again. know more about Admission Management.

Benefits of a zero-tolerance policy include:

  • Ensures that all employees are aware of the laws and regulations
  • Employee responsibility is increased
  • Encourages coworker pride and togetherness
  • Allows companies to efficiently oversee staff performance